• Round The Mulberry Bush | NARS Foundation | Brooklyn, NY

    Round the Mulberry Bush explores recent trends among artists to re-visit the transformative nature of art in connecting with their surroundings. From the popular children’s nursery rhyme, the phrase “around the mulberry bush”, has also been used historically in social context referring to movements or ideas which seemingly go around and around in circles or re-appear frequently, without actually making progress. Amid the recoiling of consumerism, artists have moved away from unending examinations of popular culture and wealth, and have returned to looking at the relevance of their environments through various mediums, perhaps gratifying a critical need among both artists and viewers to reflect upon the disconnect between humanity and nature. Cosme Herrera’s work echoes nature and humans competing for resources with his creeping weed urban dwellers, and images of “surrogate” structures representing human built responses to nature. I will have one work from my Pioneers series and 4 Creepers on display. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 from 6PM to 9PM at the NARS Foundation.

  • New American Paintings | 15th Anniversary Edition

    One of my works titled Night will be featured in this special edition of New American Paintings. New American Paintings is a prestigious juried exhibition-in-print. Look for the NAP 15th Anniversary to hit the shelves in February 2010.

  • Studio Visit Magazine | Volume 7

    I have recently been featured in Volume 7 of Studio Visit Magazine. Studio Visit is a series of juried artist books. Each volume features approximately 150 artists, who have been selected by professional curators. Studio visit presents all two and three dimensional media.

  • NY Arts Magazine’s Top Websites 2010 Issue | New York, NY

    I am honored to be featured inside and a detail of my piece Night on the cover of NY Arts Magazine's Top Websites 2010 Issue. NY Arts Magazine annual guide to the internet is a special end-of-year issue which plays an essential role in transmitting information about exceptional artists who are taking creativity to a whole new level. Featuring every genre and style, from contemporary and classical, to painting and performance, the Annual Guide to the Internet creates a fascinating picture of the dynamic, colorful, often-controversial art scene here and abroad.

  • Natural Histories | Central Booking Gallery | Brooklyn, NY

    The inaugural exhibition, Natural Histories, traces a range of artistic responses to an ever changing external and internal environment, touching on the mere presence of human intervention. The gallery is transformed into an evocative space that creates its own natural habitat from the elements of each artist’s personal response to their concept of nature. Cosme Herrera interprets formal landscape tableau within the confines of his inlaid wooden mythologies. I will be exhibiting a piece from the Reveries series of works. Natural Histories will be on view from September 10th through November 8, 2009. The launch reception of the space and this show is Thursday, September 17, 2009 from 6 to 9 PM.

  • The Slow Death of a Flamingo | HCC Ybor City Arts Gallery | Tampa, FL

    The Paula Ysom Group presents The Slow Death of a Flamingo on view from July 30th - August 21, 2009. Florida needs protection from Washington politics today. A tropical climate and low taxes have been attracting people who are on their last stretch in life to these shores promising relaxation, peace of mind and almost 365 days of golf and fishing. Not exactly the economic engine on which to build a great economy. Changing demographics have forced conflicting generations to co-exist side by side with each other. Politically we have gained the distinction of becoming the state that supplies prime material for late night monologues. Artists Maria Emilia, Edgar Sanchez-Cumbas, Ivan Reyes-Garcia, Michael Parker, Lazlo Horvath, Conor King, Carlos Manuel Soto, Sean Erwin and Cosme Herrera have reacted individually to these circumstances in a show that certainly is opinionated but more importantly, challenges the spectator to take a stand and defend their position. I will be exhibiting some works from the New Forests series.

  • African Americana | The Brennan Gallery | Jersey City, NJ

    MIckey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, apple pie, the stainless steel diner, baseball, Rock n' Roll, Norman Rockwell, Rhapsody in Blue and Jazz are just a few examples of the cultural artifacts that exemplify 'Americana.' But in a real sense, so do Aunt Jemima, Rastus, Uncle Remus, Uncle Tom, watermelon, Fried Chicken, Chubby Checker, and Hip-Hop. AfricanAmericana seeks to investigate these seemingly unshakable stereo-hyped images by using them as the basis for creative work. Ultimately, AfricanAmericana is about transforming recognizable cultural manifestations into pieces that emphasize the explicit inclusion of black people into the American national identity.

  • Micro-Macro | Gallery Satori | New York, NY

    Gallery Satori presents Micro-Macro on view from Nov. 21 - Dec. 31, 2008, an exhibition comprised of small-format works by 20 artists. From traditional painting to video work, the show provides the opportunity to experience the microcosm of the art and the world. I will be exhibiting three works from the Logos series.

  • New American Paintings | No. 80 | Northeast Edition

    I have recently been featured in the upcoming New American Paintings issue. New American Paintings is a juried exhibition-in-print. Each edition results from a regionally focused, juried competition and presents the work of roughly 40 painters. Through New American Paintings, The Open Studios Press has become a bridge between the creators and consumers of fine art. Look for the NAP#80 to hit the shelves in February 2009.